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Experience the farmyard, animals & outbuildings:

It's an old farm that has been kept an old farm. We'll give you some animal food and instructions, then you can relax as you stroll around and interact with the animals where they live. We hope you will feel an immediate sense of calm! Step back in time when you view our historic displays, old stone outbuildings, and life-size chainsaw sculptures, which represent a timeline of Australian history. Animals come and go as part of nature’s circle of life, but we usually have guinea pigs, rabbits, cockatoo, chickens, ducks, turkeys, geese, peacocks, emu, sheep, goats, pigs, cows, donkeys, alpaca, dog and cat.

Chainsaw carvings:

Carved with a chainsaw from old cypress tress in situ by Kevin Gilders, the figures display a timeline of Australian history. You can still see the original tree stumps in our centre paddock:

  • 'First Here' depicts a Boandik man with a boomerang which symbolises the traditional custodians of the region, and the ancient boomerangs found at Wyrie Swamp about 45km from the farm.

  • 'Exploring the Unknown' depicts a European explorer which commemorates the proclamation of South Australia as a province in 1836.

  • 'Settler’s Children' depicts two primary school children and the history of living in the Mount Gambier area after being founded in 1854.

  • 'The Light Horseman' depicts a soldier and commemorates World War I from 1914-1918.

  • 'The Swagman' and 'Making Do' depict the Great Depression in 1930’s – one is a swagman with his bundle and the other is a woman collecting wood for her fire.

  • 'Goodbye Mate' depicts a soldier saying goodbye to his dog during World War II.

Explore the farmhouse museum:

The old farmhouse has been restored and furnished with antique and vintage items from the 1800's to the 1950’s, providing an idea of how Australian farming families once lived.  Wander inside the old farmhouse, open cupboards and find things you never knew existed and things you may have forgotten about. 

Enjoy a picnic:

You are welcome to bring your own picnic, however remember to thoroughly wash your hands after being anywhere near the animals, especially before eating or drinking. We have various garden spaces around the historic farmhouse which provide shade. Please use the bins provided and do not eat/picnic near the animal pens. Bottled water and souvenirs are available to purchase.

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The original part of Echo Farm's cottage and some of the outbuildings were built before the 1890's from stones picked from the paddocks; you can see the old stone walls and keystones in the chaff shed and cellar of the cottage. The harness shed, house verandah and kitchen were built in the 1920's from locally hand quarried limestone blocks.

Echo Farm was set up as a museum in 2007 with everyday items that Australian pioneer families would have used and that others discarded long ago.  Over time the farm has expanded with lots of friendly farm animals.


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