Please note:  Echo Farm has recently been sold.
After our normal winter break, the Farm will reopen with new owners on Sunday 25 September 2022.
We are sure that they will enjoy welcoming guests to Echo Farm as much as we have.

Experience the farmyard, animals & outbuildings

It's an old farm that has been kept an old farm.  We'll give you some animal food, a map and some directions, then you can relax as you stroll around and interact with the animals where they live; we bet you will feel an immediate sense of calm!  

You will take a step back in time when you view our historic displays, old stone outbuildings, and life-size chainsaw sculptures, which represent a timeline of Australian History.  

Animals come and go as part of nature’s circle of life, but we usually have goats, chickens, ducks, turkeys, pigs, emu, sheep, cats, dog, geese, cows & donkeys.  We suggest you allow about an hour for your self-guided visit, or book a guided tour and let us show you around.

Explore the cottage museum on a Guided Tour 

The old farmhouse has been restored & furnished with antique and vintage items from the 1800's to the 1950’s providing an idea of how Australian farming families once lived.  A Guided Tour gives you access to the Cottage Museum where you can wander inside the old farmhouse, open cupboards and find things you never knew existed and things you may have forgotten about. 

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Enjoy Nanna's scones, High Tea or bring a picnic

Complete your visit by enjoying some of Nanna's delicious home made scones, jam & cream with tea or plunger coffee served in vintage crockery on the Cottage Verandah.  Or share a High Tea experience with someone special.  Limited dates:  Book in advance to ensure you don't miss out! 

A small selection of soft drinks, snacks and homemade biscuits as well as local souvenirs are available.  You are welcome to bring your own picnic, however please remember to thoroughly wash your hands after being any where near the animals especially before eating or drinking & be considerate of others wishing to use the space.


The original part of Echo Farm's cottage and some of the outbuildings were built before the 1890's from stones picked from the paddocks; you can see the old stone walls and keystones in the chaff shed and cellar of the cottage.  The harness shed, house verandah and kitchen were built in the 1920's from locally hand quarried limestone blocks.

Echo Farm was set up as a museum in 2007 with everyday items that Australian pioneer families would have used and that others discarded long ago.  After purchasing the Farm in 2017, Bruce and Linda expanded the experience by adding lots of friendly farm animals.

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We first saw Echo Farm as visitors in 2016, fell in love with it and a year later we ended up buying it - just before Christmas Day 2017.  We love living onsite and sharing our backyard with visitors.  (that's us in the photo)


Our aim is to offer our guests an opportunity to interact with and learn about animals and farming, while preserving and sharing some of our local history.  We try to make everyone's visit to Echo Farm special and love hearing the laughter and seeing people of all ages enjoy themselves.  We hope that you enjoy your visit to Echo Farm as much as we did.